What is a Tiny Home?

My claim of owning the first greenhouse-enclosed tiny home in the United States has received pushback that it is a) not tiny, and b) not the first. This spurred a conversation about the definition of both “tiny” and “home.” Should the use of the term “tiny home” be defined only in legal terms per the International Residential Code and/or local building codes? Or, is a … Continue reading What is a Tiny Home?

Lighting the Greenhouse

Lighting plays a subtle, but critical, role in the quality of life within and around a home. I’ve lived in places where there was so little natural light that I had to use electric lights even during the day. Or where there was inadequate light, like in the kitchen, for the task at hand. Having built a few homes before this, I was familiar with … Continue reading Lighting the Greenhouse

Preparing to go live

Now that I have my building permit work can start as soon as the excavation contractor is available. That means there will finally be regular action on site to begin posting videos on YouTube. This weekend I put together the introductory video. I have no experience with anything audio or video production-related so it has been a steep learning curve. Let me know your thoughts … Continue reading Preparing to go live