Choosing the bridge colors

One of the main reasons I wanted to live inside a greenhouse was not to grow food in every space possible but, instead, to have ‘outside’ living space protected from wind, rain, and snow. In support of that I’ve designed the space as if it were a yard around a ‘standard’ house including an entertaining area, ornamental and food garden areas, a lap pool, and … Continue reading Choosing the bridge colors

Managing the Pool Water Quality

It’s been almost 4 months since I started to add water from the rainwater tanks into the pool, found a leak, and then pumped about 1,500 gallons back to the rainwater tanks, leaving about 5,000 gallons in the pool. And there it has sat while waiting about a month for delivery of the right materials to fix the leak and now for ‘muscle’ to manipulate … Continue reading Managing the Pool Water Quality

Mold Watch – February ’23

Mold is a living organism and, therefore, has conditions needed to support that life. So before committing to the time, money, and effort to build a greenhouse-enclosed home, I researched the potential for mold in the home. Once I knew what conditions mold needed to grow, I could try to find ways to maintain the home’s environment in such a way that it did not … Continue reading Mold Watch – February ’23