Footings for the first pour

The concrete contractor was on site today to start forming the footings for the sections in the ‘first pour’ which will be the footings for the house, the pool, and the retaining wall between the garage and greenhouse.

The house looks huge from this angle; it is not. The house is 475 sq ft. The lap pool runs the length of the north side of the house (left side) – the house foundation is one side of the pool and there will be another side formed up against the bank. You can barely see the orange string line along the top of the bank. That is where the wall of the greenhouse will be.

One of the challenges of building on an island is that most of the contractors are from off-island so their schedule is controlled by the ferry schedule. Plus, for these guys, an hour commute each direction; that means less than a full day on site.

Even though it was a short working day, they made the most of it. These guys are clearly experienced working together because they moved like they were choreographed. Didn’t quite get all the rebar into the house footings but they’ll be back Friday to finish the footing for the pool and the retaining wall.

I’m waiting call back from the greenhouse manufacturer for status on my package’s ship date which is currently the first week of January. It is shipping from California by truck so I’m guesstimating arrival about 5 days later. We’re going to be under the gun to get the foundations ready for installation in January. Hopefully the footings inspection and pour will stay on schedule for next week.

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