Permit Update – 7.5 months

Permit delay woes continue.

To bring folks up-to-speed:

The application for a building permit was submitted in January, 2021.

Two months later the file was opened and rejected for lack of an application for water service. Never mind that the property has water service, has a permitted septic system as further evidence of water service, and water rights are listed on the tax record and I am taxed at the rate of property with water rights.

Due to several mistakes by the water department to fill out and return the attestation of water service, and then delay by the building permit department to acknowledge receipt of that document, my permit application was finally deemed complete at the end of June, 2021 (i.e., 5 months after submitting the application packet). The estimate was it would be 10-12 weeks until issued.

At 11 weeks, checking the on-line status it looked like 4 of the 7 reviews were approved. I called the permit department and explained the Supervisor’s email had estimated 10-12 weeks, it was now 11 weeks, so I was inquiring if there was an estimate when my permit would be approved. The nice lady was incredulous that I’d been told 10-12 weeks when they’re running more like 14-16 weeks. She also explained that even though the website shows 7 reviews, there are actually 13 reviews, and my project had not reached the desk of any of the 9 outstanding. She did not have the time or means to check status of all 9 but she checked 1 queue and found my project was number 11 (of 89). She suggested I call back in 3-4 weeks.

In the meantime, the on-line tracker shows one more review received approval this week.

My architect has a handful of projects, residential and commercial, waiting permits and has a meeting scheduled with the permit department next week. Hopefully he’ll be able to shake something loose.

Bottom-line: The permit-issue-date betting pool started back in June had smart money choosing a date no earlier than end of August and no one would have selected a date later than September. Ha! Fooled them. /sigh

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