Building Permit Status

When the county started review of my building permit application near the end of June (filed in January!) they estimated it would be 10-12 weeks to issue my permit. Over the last 6 weeks the county has been busy! They approved without comment:
1) my application for new water service – not surprising since my property has had water service for 10+ years,
2) my application for sanitation service – also not surprising since my property has had a permitted septic system for 10+ years, and
3) approved my plans per the fire code (yea!)

I have not heard anything on the building plan review or development review so I still do not know if there will be any questions or issues about the greenhouse. Hopefully the plan review will happen before Labor Day so that I can submit my order for the greenhouse package in September.

In the meantime I’m enjoying a second summer on my property. I’ve been working on various projects that are outside the area of what will become the construction site and falling even more in love with the idea of living inside a greenhouse.

Patience grasshopper.

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