Hurry Up and Wait

In case you hadn’t heard, the pandemic actually spurred a residential building boom in many parts of the U.S. It seems that once people could move away from their office, they did. In DROVES!

The effects of that are many – land that had been languishing for months or years sold within weeks or days; builders are busy and hard to come by; the cost of materials has doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled; and building permits are taking FOR-fricken-EVER!

My application was submitted in January. It was opened 2 months later and rejected as incomplete. Incomplete for a water permit application the purpose of which is for the water company to attest they’ll supply my property with water. Except that I already have water and that’s even noted on my tax assessment. But 2.5 months and $160 water permit application fee later, the has county approved me to run water to my property!

NOW my building permit application is officially in the queue again. Starting a pool for when they’ll open it for review (hint: don’t take a day less than 45)

The effect of this delay, other than I’m going nuts waiting, is that I still don’t know whether they’ll approve a 35’x60′ greenhouse on my property. There is no regulation against it but how much will it cost in time, money, and energy to convince the building department. I’m waiting to submit my order for the greenhouse until the permit application file is opened and I have at least the initial comments. Greenhouse company says they’re running 8-10 weeks for delivery. So I’m guesstimating somewhere in mid-September to late October. /sigh

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