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Video is worth 10,000 words

As construction accelerated earlier this year, I was not able to keep up with blogging about it. Now that construction is coming to an end, I will try to ‘fill in the gaps’ from that time. Or, you can see it for yourself on YouTube. Live In A Greenhouse on YouTube Continue reading Video is worth 10,000 words

Allocating the greenhouse’s footprint

Like any structure, there is a cost per square foot to build a greenhouse large enough to enclose a home and it is not inexpensive. Therefore, I put a lot of thought into how every square foot would be allocated to get the highest value for the cost. To put this into a perspective that most people can relate to – have you ever looked … Continue reading Allocating the greenhouse’s footprint

Lighting the Greenhouse

Lighting plays a subtle, but critical, role in the quality of life within and around a home. I’ve lived in places where there was so little natural light that I had to use electric lights even during the day. Or where there was inadequate light, like in the kitchen, for the task at hand. Having built a few homes before this, I was familiar with … Continue reading Lighting the Greenhouse

What’s happening?

It’s been a long time since the last post and there have been inquiries whether I plan to continue posting – the short answer is ‘yes, I plan to continue posting.’ Hopefully soon. What happened is it took WAY more time than expected to film the construction and then edit the video for YouTube posts, plus writing short Facebook and Instagram posts, while working full … Continue reading What’s happening?

Erecting the Greenhouse

Erecting a commercial-sized greenhouse is not for the faint of heart. There are thousands of pieces, some come pre-cut but many are cut on site, and every one is handled a minimum of three times – unloading the truck, sorting into staging piles, and attaching to the structure. There is definitely efficiency gained by a crew who has erected at least one of these before. … Continue reading Erecting the Greenhouse